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Consumer Resources

Finding the right car, truck or SUV starts with research. Use these links to help  you make educated and informed decisions.

Trade In Estimator

Finding the value of your trade-in is often a very important part of the new or used car buying process.  Find the value of your trade-in here.

Safety Ratings

Vehicle Safety ratings can be found on the US Government’s site at and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety site at

Fuel Economy Index

Fuel Economy estimates for gas, diesel and hybrid models are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s site at

Finance Calculator

Figuring out payments can be done quickly with this simple calculator that allows you to put in the price, trade value (if any) and change interest rates and terms.

Vehicle Comparison Tool

This innovative tool lets you compare multiple vehicles in a wide variety of ways.  Dimensions, features, performance and pricing are some of the comparisons available.

Reliability Ratings

Reliability is one of the most important factors in choosing a vehicle.  Consumer Reports has been the standard for reliability ratings, and as an alternative you can view the data at TrueDelta.

Towing Capacity Chart

If you’re considering towing with your new vehicle, this chart is a great resource to understand the towing capabilities of different vehicles, when equipped with a tow hitch and towing package.

Resale Value Chart

Resale value should be a consideration and you can compare resale value for different vehicles here. If you’re leasing, higher resale value (residual value) can help lower payments.